Small furries in West Wales looking for forever homes

           ~ PLEASE NOTE: The refuge is no longer active as a rehoming centre ~




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Useful Information

<3  )~ Looking for a rodent or rabbit knowledgeable vet? For recommended vets in our area and further afield please see the recommended vets section at the bottom of our links page. Do you recommend a vet that could be included? Please contact us to let us know about them.

<3  )~ Ever thought of using glue traps? Please don't!  The consequences of glue traps: RSPCA LINK 

<3  )~ Have you seen our links page? There are lots of good information sites, animal related shops, vets, rescues and forums to explore.

<3  )~ Have you seen the Rabbit Welfare Association "A Hutch Is Not Enough" Campaign? Please read (and watch the video) before considering taking on the responsibility of pet rabbits.  

<3  )~ Ever wondered where pet shop animals come from? Rodent Farms! Please read.


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