Small furries in West Wales looking for forever homes


We sometimes get enquiries about what to do with wildlife that turns up in peoples homes or appears injured. We don't have the facilities to help with larger animals but can sometimes help with smaller ones such as hedgehogs and smaller mammals and do have contacts that can help. The following websites and contacts are well worth noting just in case:

Pembrokeshire Hogspital - - Hedgehog rescue in Haverordwest

The British Wildlife Helpline - British wild animal & bird info with rescue list HERE

Folly Wildlife Rescue & The Southern Wildlife Care & Advisory Trust 
HELPLINE  07957 949825
daily from 8.00am to 21.00pm. Tunbridge Wells, Kent Tel: 01892 750865 / Fax: 01892 750337 Wildlife care advice & rescue directory

Vale Wildlife Rescue - telephone - 01386 882288 (treatment & rehabilitation)