Small furries in West Wales looking for forever homes

The Bird Table Rats


A lady we know recently spotted what looked like a female cream rat eating the food she left out for the birds! She tried to catch her but failed. As she had to leave for work she left a pet carrier with some blankets and some food to tempt her. Upon checking later there was indeed a rat snuggled in the blankets but it was a boy! An hour later she saw the cream female again eating the bird food but again was unable to catch her. After searching the garden for any sign of her she spotted a starter rat cage abandoned on the other side of her garden wall. So sadly it looks like these rats have been dumped.

The male rat was taken to a lovely home where he will be introduced to other male rats. Upon checking the carrier with blankets and food the lady found two female rats, one jumped out but was now shut in her shed. The other, heavily pregnant was caught and taken in and set-up in a cage. The female in the shed was caught soon after and the pair reunited. Two days later there was the sound of squeaking from the nest. Mum Angel is doing a lovely job and is a happy Mum. At first tenative count there are 10 babies, some pink and some grey. At the moment the other of the pair (Alice) doesn't look pregnant but only time will tell. Having kept rats previously the rats are being fostered by the lady that found them, with lots of advice on looking after Angel, Alice and babies.

There are 4 boys (homed) and 6 girls (homed).


   Angel and Alice:                                                        Angel:                                              Alice:

            Alice looking a bit tubby:                                                       Angels 3 day old babies:


         Angels babies 1 week old:


Angels babies at 10 days:


14 days and they have peepers:

Four weeks: