Small furries in West Wales looking for forever homes

Success Stories

The following include some of the animals that have been adopted from the refuge over the years.


Aberystwyth adult rat litter: 

On the 24th August 11 rats came in to rescue that were at threat of being put to sleep as their owner had been advised to home them due to a medical condition and they had been unable to home them. Thankfully they called the rescue the day before their PTS deadline and we were able to find space for them here and with local foster carer Lucy. The males went on to be neutered and homed to people we had already homed to.


Toby & Max: Rehomed with Rhi and family in Cardiff. Now living with another lovely older boy called Hickey (agouti).

Max and Hickey:                                                                                    Toby having cuddles:

10/06/09: The two remaining hooded girls were rehomed.

Lucy - Was rehomed as a companion for Lucie that was previously rehomed to Mike in Lampeter with her companion rat Leonie that sadly passed away recently.

Magrat, Esme and Nanny Ogg - Three of the hooded girls that came in as part of a litter of 13 that were a result of a pet shop mis-sexing. They are now well settled in their new home with Jayne and family in Port Talbot.

Brothers Benny and Basil, agouti hooded and black hooded (with a white cheek). These boys have got over being territorial of their cage and are really sweet.  Benny (black hooded) is the most confident but they are both at the cage bars for attention which is great progress for these boys. Update 22/04/09: Success! Benny & Basil are now settled in their lovely new home in Swansea with Sophie and Mikey.

              Benny:                                                                                        Basil:



Rum and Ginger - 2 x 8-9 month old (brothers) Rum and Ginger that are agouti self and silver fawn self. Beautiful lads that have come a long way since being here. They are both darlings, although the silver fawn can be a little wriggly when picked up they are fantastic shoulder rats. Homed 21/03/09 with Laura in Solihull.

                Ginger:                                                                                          Rum:


Black Berkie Boys - 4 x 5 month old silvered black berkshire brothers that are living together. Lively lads that do squeak but are very sweet and keen to interact with humans. Homed 15/02/09 to Leanne and son in Telford.


Succi - Homed with Phebe near Carmarthen. Succi's previous owner felt she was not giving Succi the attention she deserved - "Succi is probably about 8 months old. She takes food from your hand. She will not settle on your hand; always trying to escape and still urinates on your hand. She has a sweet tooth (probably should not have introduced her to chocolate but even God's chosen people got board with the same food every day). She has no idea what to do in a hamster ball." Chinese hamsters are often solitary so as Succi has been living alone she will need to be homed as a lone hamster.


Homed 05/04/09 to Pen and Richard who cam all the way from Manchester to bring him home. We also have one adult male syrian that is a 8-9 month (approx) huge sable lad. He is an absolutely stunning lad and is really lovely. His previous home could no longer keep him as he bit their young son. However, apart from being slightly scared when he first arrived he has never shown any signs of aggression. He is easy to handle and will make a fantastic pet. Possibly not for a home with small children in case his taste for young flesh returns!






Homed 05/04/09 to Pen and Richard who came all the way from Manchester to bring him home - 3-4 month old Syrian boy that is very sweet and well handled. He is pale honey and white, really sweet and a little bit fluffy. As he is a syrian hamster is looking for an individual home with a large cage as they need a lot of space contrary to popular belief! Photo to follow.

At the end of February 2009 we rehomed two baby male Syrian hamsters that came from a home where breeding got out of control. They were being fostered in Aberystwyth by Emma. The honey & white lad was kept by Emma as she fell in love with him. The sable & white lad went to a lovely local home with Annick near Aberporth, West Wales.


The North Wales mouse rescue case take two (2010)!

The situation with the hoarder in North Wales replicated and the mice once again were transported to rescues all around the UK. 52 of which came to Rhydowen Rodent Refuge. Some of the females were pregnant so there were nearly 100 here. All of these mice have now been homed.


The North Wales mouse rescue case take one:

We have re-homed all of the rescue mice that came via Fresh Fields Rescue in North Wales from a house where over 1000 were removed in 2008. Thank you to Vix and Steph for helping with the initial influx that came here. 35 arrived in a plastic storage container, including males, females and babies. Some of the mice have gone to homes as far away as Hampshire and North London. Thank you to the kind people that have helped transport these mice to their new homes.

1 black and 1 black & white female mouse was rehomed on the 08/03/09 to a lovely family who traveled all the way from Stroud to collect them!



Tango went to a lovely new home with another rescue bun, a spayed orange rex girlfriend called Lizzy and her family in Stockport on the 30/06/09. They share a fantastic huge purpose built avairy style set-up and are thoroughly spoilt. Thank you to the Middleton family for giving Tango a new start.








Lucie & Snowdrop who were adopted by Cat and family near Newcastle Emlyn in December 2008.

Lucy (now Lucie) who was adopted to Jackie and Family in Stroud on the 25/10/08.

Henry was adopted by Ralph and Michaela and is living with them in the rural Pembrokeshire countryside near Newcastle Emlyn. They have since adopted Lucie's other daughter, sister of Snowdrop.

Ebony and Amber (aka Fatty and Skinny!) were unwanted as they kept escaping. The sisters were homed in 2007 to Kasia and Lawrence and are living the country life near Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales:



Doris & Delilah *REHOMED 15/11/09*

Number of degus: 2
Sex: Female
Age(s): 8 months
Colours: Agouti
Neutered: No
Reason for rehoming: Were handed in to Ellesmere Animal Rescue Centre Pembrokeshire as they were being ignored by their previous owner, which was already their second home. They came here as Ellesmere Rescue didn't have the facilities or knowledge to keep them.
Temperament: Very good, especially considering no one has paid them any attention for some time. They are very curious when you open the cage and come to say hello and play with your hand. As with a lot of degus they aren't keen on being picked up but don't struggle too much when you do pick them up and they certainly don't bite.
Medical problems: Doris has the end of her tail missing but this is fully healed so should not cause her any problems. She also has two small patches of her missing by her ear and at the back of her head. They were seen by a vet and he couldn't see anything wrong with the skin and the fur now appears to be growing back. We think that this was due to poor diet and hope the fur will continue to regrow. We will be keeping a close eye on the situation and they won't be rehomed until we are happy this is resolved.
Will the group be split: No
Other: These girls came in a plastic based cage with plastic accessories, which is now in a very sorry state. Degus need an all metal cage with wooden toys, not plastic. A large all metal cage with plenty of climbing opportunities, apple or pear wood branches to chew and climb on and an all metal solid wheel are a must. We were told they were boys before they arrived but they are definitely girls! They are very social creatures and need to be kept in same sex pairs or groups.