Small furries in West Wales looking for forever homes

A bit about us..

PLEASE NOTE: The refuge is no longer active as a rehoming centre.

Rhydowen Rodent Refuge is a small home based rescue in the West Wales countryside in Rhydowen, Ceredigion (see photo below). We have been keeping rodents and rabbits as pets most of our lives and have taken in many small furries over the years that needed new homes. Although our main field of expertise, for want of a better phrase, is with rats and degus. In 2008 we helped with a large number of mice (estimated to be around 1000 and no we didn't take that many here! Nearly 100 were cared for here) that came out of the home of a hoarder. To help with rehoming them Rhydowen Rodent Refuge was born from our home that same year. We now also have a few kind foster carers that help with some of the animals, which is a big help. If you are interested in fostering for us please contact us. For other ways to help please see the how to help page.

We primarily take in small rodents such as rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils and degus and have limited space guinea pigs. We can sometimes take in rabbits but usually only in emergencies.

We take in any animal in need regardless of age, gender, health or temperament. Our only constraint is experience, time and space. Please complete the form rehoming your pet if you would like us to help find your pet(s) a new home. Please be honest about any health or temperament issues. As we have already said this will not stop us from taking the animal but will mean we are prepared to care for it e.g. have a vet appointment ready or have an experienced foster carer primed to take the animal(s). If you are able to keep your pet with you until it is homed then that is preferable to coming in to rescue as it less disruptive for the animal. Also, we usually have many animals here so your pet would most likely get more attention at home with you. If needed then we can usually take the animal here but cages are appreciated, as are a donation to towards their continued care.

To see details of the animals that were have waiting for their new home please see the looking for homes page. Please contact us about current animals as they may not all be listed as looking for homes yet. We aim to rehome animals to suitable lifelong homes but will take back animals that can no longer be kept regardless of the reason. Local homes are ideal but we do rehome to other areas if homes can be checked and transport arranged. 

We also offer information and advice regarding small animal care. If we cannot help then chances are we will be able to point you in the right direction. So please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: We work full time so cannot respond to enquiries immediately but please do give us a nudge if you don't hear from us. 

Thank you,


Rhydowen Rodent Refuge 


Rhydowen, Ceredigion, West Wales in the snow 2010: